Force of Chaos: The Coming of Age of the Antichrist

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Pages: 144

Rank: 2,830,823

ASIN: B07JN22K88


Pub: Minch Publishing


Incarnation bestows free will and the Antichrist is waging a teenage rebellion!

Lucas doesn't want to grow up to be like his father. What teenager does? But for Lucas it's not the same because his father is the devil himself and Lucifer expects his incarnated son to embrace his destiny as the Antichrist. Lucas has other ideas.

A California high school is the perfect environment for an adolescent boy with special abilities to play down being 'different' and seek friends, rather than followers, but what teenager could resist using his powers to get to class on time or deal with the school bully?

When a local group of self-styled Satanists kidnap the girl he loves, how far will Lucas be willing to go to save her from the very people who seek to enlist his aid?

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