Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join The Literary Net?

In the middle of our homepage is a large section entitled "Registration." There is a registration form in the lower right-hand area of that section.

I can't change my password. The requirements for creating a password don't work.

The most common reason a password does not work is that it does not contain a special character. Once a special character is included and all other password requirements are met, the password will work.

How do I create a profile?

When you log into your account, there is a menu on the left with a large heading that says "Navigation." Under that are several links, one of which says "Edit Profile." If you click on it, you will be able to create and edit your profile.

How do I add my book to the Books page?

Click on "Books" at the top of the screen. The accompanying page contains instructions for submitting your book.

I registered according to the guidelines and tried logging in, but nothing happened.

During registration, a message appears either confirming a successful registration or noting an error. The most common problem occurs when someone attempts to register but their password doesn't fit the appropriate pattern, and they don't notice the message.

Try registering again and ensure that your password follows the rules.

I don't see the "Contact" and "Connect" buttons on my profile.

Those buttons only appear on the profiles of other people when a member is logged in. Someone who is logged in and views their own profile will not be able to see those buttons. The reason is because it is unlikely that someone will want to add or contact themselves.

I've tried logging in but it says I have the wrong username or password, and I can't find my profile.

Your account may have been deleted. If someone joins but doesn't complete their profile within 60 days, the system automatically deletes their account.

You will have to register again and complete your profile in order to remain a member.

My profile displays the wrong cover for my book. But when I click on it, the correct cover appears. Can you update the cover on my page?

The book cover displayed on your profile is the cover that existed at the time you submitted your book. If you want it changed, submit a message listing the book for which you want the cover changed, and resubmit the book.