Qualities One Partner Must Have for a Successful Relationship

by Monte Anderson

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Posted by MonteR

Couples fall in love and look for a long term relationship. They’re looking for qualities that make for a good partner. I believe there’re some qualities that at least one partner must possess for a happy relationship. One of the partners in a couple must:
1. Be a good cook. Many things like beauty and sex are short term, but a couple must eat for a lifetime. Going out to eat can be expensive. In a happy marriage, one partner must be a good cook.
2. Not be afraid of spiders or bugs. Can you imagine a relationship where both people are afraid of spiders? Who you gonna call?
3. Have a good sense of direction. They’ll save countless hours from being lost and driving in circles. It’ll also cut down on the number of arguments. You know the stereotype; the man will not ask for directions.
4. Have acute senses. One partner must be able to smell, taste, hear, and see very well. One partner doesn’t need all of these senses, but between two people all senses need to be included. Take the sense of smell for example; one person must be responsible for detecting gas leaks, fires and bad food. For hearing; one person must be able to hear the alarm, telephone and kitchen timer. For sight; one person must be able to read the fine print. I could go on but you get the idea.
5. Be a good speller. One person in the relation must have good spelling and grammar. It’ll save them from many embarrassing mistakes. Of course, the couple may want to avoid playing Scrabble.
6. Be good with numbers and math. That partner will handle the checkbook and budget.
7. Have a good memory for names of relatives and important dates. That partner will keep track of all the birthdays and anniversaries as well as who is married to whom.
8. Be handy around the house, a DIY person. Two helpless people will be at the mercy of contractors and repairpersons.
9. Have patience. Two impatient people will drive each other nuts.
10. Have a good sense of color coordination. They will also prevent embarrassing situations in fashion and decorating.
Bottom line; two partners in a relationship must be better together than apart. I’m sure that you can think of other qualities that one person in a relationship must possess. Please comment.

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