Meeting Kaia (Kaia the Fairy in the Garden) Launched

by Adrian V

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Posted by AdrianVAuth

Hi Guys,

Last weekend I launched "Meeting Kaia (Kaia the Fairy in the Garden)" which I am really excited about. I welcome you to read and review.

The intended audience of the Kaia – The Fairy in the Garden Book Series is the 3 to 5 Year Age bracket.

The story explores the magic of Fairies and one particular fairy Kaia that lives in the Garden of the house Luke, Daniel and Madeleine recently moved into with their family.

The Book Meeting Kaia starts on one stormy night when their paths cross and they meet which is the start of a beautiful friendship and magical journey.

A story children will love which will challenge their belief in the unknown and ride along with every twist and turn in Kaia, Luke, Daniel and Madeleine’s adventures.

Look forward to interactin.


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