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Shameless Self-Promotion!
by Webmaster

If you have a book that you want to brag about, a promotion that you've started, or something you want to share to generate interest in your writing or literary business, you can do that here.

Have no fear, and promote yourself here!

Running Nowhere trilogy: Among the Jimson Weeds (1) Between Pieces (2) and Within Time (3) Available for.99 cents starting 12/8. The promotion ends 12/15. Save 67%!
Paul Keene writes hope, humor & supernatural #comingofage #ghost #countrymusic #50snostalgia #ebook

His One Series by J.S. Danielle: His Perfect One (Book 1) and Perfected (Book 2) Ebook giveaway beginning December 13th through December 20th! Get your own downloadable ebook of the books in kindle, PDF or mobi format! All you have to do is visit and follow Ms. Danielle on her blog @ The first 5 people to do so will receive the information needed to download either Book 1 or Book 2; which ever book is being offered that day.
My latest novel is OWEN – Book One of The Tudor Trilogy. Set in England 1422, Owen, a Welsh servant, waits in Windsor Castle to meet his new mistress, the beautiful and lonely Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of the warrior king, Henry V. Her infant son is crowned King of England and France, and while the country simmers on the brink of civil war, Owen becomes her protector.
They fall in love, risking Owen’s life and Queen Catherine’s reputation—but how do they found the dynasty which changes British history – the Tudors?
This is the first historical novel to fully explore the amazing life of Owen Tudor, grandfather of King Henry VII and the great-grandfather of King Henry VIII. Set against a background of the conflict between the Houses of Lancaster and York, which develops into what have become known as the Wars of the Roses, Owen’s story deserves to be told.

Tony Riches is a UK historical fiction author living in Pembrokeshire, Wales. You can find out more on Tony’s blog ‘The Writing Desk’ at and find him on Twitter @tonyriches. Owen – Book One of the Tudor Trilogy is now available in eBook and paperback on Amazon
AUTHOR BIO DETAILS: G J Griffiths is a UK baby-boomer who worked for quite a while in the Photographic industry. Then he became a Science teacher for about twenty years. He likes reading, walking in the countryside, DIY, birdwatching and being a Grandad! Having retired he thought he would like to write a novel, which soon became four.
So why did he write the first one?
Who Do They Think They Are?
Watching those programs on TV about different people looking into their ancestral past, and seemingly becoming very upset about certain individuals in their pedigree, he wondered about how much their emotions had been stirred by forebears, such as cousins, grandparents and even great grandparents. After all they had never met them or never even knew about their existence previous to their research. The tears, regrets and often anger that became evident on the screen betrayed how delicate feelings may often lie very near the surface.
At the same time he had been reading Winston Churchill's volumes about the Second World War and also reading about the Battle of the Bulge, of Band of Brothers fame. It occurred to G J Griffiths: What if someone was looking into their ancestry and discovered that their forefather was involved in plot to assassinate a famous general from WW2? What if that general was George S Patton who was so vital in relieving the US troops trapped in the Battle of the Bulge? He had read that Patton often could be a thorn in the side of his senior officers at that time.

And so he created three pivotal fictional characters around this idea of unpleasant discovery; of an assassination plot involving the father of Chris Squires. The father he never knew dashes his hopes to the ground. How would Chris feel? How would he react? Once the author started writing the story the characters took over and he had to continue the tale where they took it! It became his first novel, Fallen Hero.

When GJG started writing Fallen Hero he was already well into the collection of stories later to become his second book: So What! Stories or Whatever! But the general direction of the plot and many of the characters were not properly formed at that time. Then along came the idea for Fallen Hero and that took over for the next 18 months or so!

Originally, after he had retired from teaching GJG just wanted to write and write about many of the kids he had taught and tell his readers about some of their hilarious tales. But after a while he realised that so many of the stories would be tinged with sadness or tragedy or poignant moments, and that it was not going to be just another "book of funny stories". If he was going to include some of the difficulties that the kids' teachers also faced, many times a day sometimes, then he had to also write about why they wanted to come into education, and more importantly, why they were determined to stay in it!

So Robert Jeffrey was "born" and his story is gradually unfolded and woven between the collection of students' stories. Robert's determination to become what he feels is a "good teacher" became a main theme throughout the book. There was a danger then that the book would become a continuous whinge from yet another cynical, grumbling teacher. Enter Kyle Crabbe, the bully, and some of the tales begin to have a sinister theme to them! With that stage set it meant that G J could lead the reader up a path that would allow a twist to it! Be surprised - be very surprised!

Some of the books that Robert Jeffrey had read and that had inspired him to want to teach coincided, strangely enough, with some of the list that G J Griffiths had also valued. It was a list that included: R Delderfield's "To Serve Them All My Days", Thomas Hughes' "Tom Brown's Schooldays", D H Lawrence's "The Rainbow", E R Braithwaite's "To Sir with Love", "Neill! Neill! Orange Peel!", plus, of course, a couple from The Master - Charles Dickens, such as "Hard Times" and "Nicholas Nickleby".

G J Griffiths has now completed three novels in the So What! Stories series of books. As well as volume 1 there is So What's Next! and So What Do I Do? GJG believes that each novel in a series should be carefully crafted so that each may be read as a stand-alone book, so that is what they are. That is not to mean favourite characters from the previous book(s) are all omitted; two or three will re-appear to intrigue the reader in a new plot! More details may be found under their relevant pages. There is also a "box set" ebook of all 3 novels, So What! Stories or Whatever!: The Trilogy, priced to save the reader money.
I have written How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse and created a website As I wrote the original with a different title and as an ebook, I thought the message was so important today I start giving free copies to any library that asks. I was asked by law enforcement (perhaps because the title was Begin by Asking is that a Sexual Predator hiding behind that badge?
I looked at arrests and conviction in the field of law enforcement for child sexual abuse and child pornography and tried to answer the questions: who molests kids, how and where, when and why but the most important contribution was my recommendation what must be done to abolish it. You may read it FREE at The link is in red. Thanks for reading this.
Giving your book away will start a stampede of buyers who read it, if what you wrote is noteworthy. Paying promoters is generally reflective of one's ego/ Reader opinion will justify whether your writing is good or not.And besides if it is an ebook, it does not cost to give it away, it pays. If it is in paper, post the first few chapters as motivation for readers/biuyers.
My latest novel is Tragedy at Silver Creek

Guilt is a powerful thing, and former deputy Jack Collins is mired in it. He feels as if he is slowly drowning as he tries to cope with the aftermath of a serial killer’s reign of terror, as well as his new—and unwanted—job as chief of police. When the body of a young woman, having the same puncture wounds as the serial killer's previous victims, is discovered, Jack must determine if this is a copycat crime or the work of a possible accomplice—either of which—could put the killer's only surviving victim in grave danger.
Visit to read an excerpt and find links to buy.
I have a long-ish short available now through Kindle Unlimited, FREE! It is called: Vermont Woods: A Music Fable... On a rare trip back to his childhood haunts, a part-time musician discovers an abandoned van in the woods. What he finds inside changes his life forever... but it's always wise to be careful what you wish for.
I'm excited about the upcoming release Certosnia The Season of Tribulations on 2/22/2916. For more information about this and other works stop be
My books include Frontier Gambling, The Texas Pistoleers, and Willis Newton: The Last Texas Outlaw.
My books on Kindle include John King Fisher: King of the Nueces Strip and Notorious Gamblers of the Old West.
For more information visit:
My book, Who Is Clarence McKinsey? ((Readers Favorite 5 star reviews; available at an effort to identify the inescapable horrors confronting the imprisoned segment of our black youth destined to lives of relentless poverty, stupidity, ignorance and waste. These are the children of the black ghetto born to single black mothers who relegate themselves and their children to hopelessness. Unless....
.... Unless there is an intervention - as with Clarence McKinsey. The Geffens - an elderly, white, Jewish couple find him scrounging for food and take pity on him, saving him from his wretched destiny of the ghetto - then guiding him through the challenges of their own, white cultural prejudices and bigotry... And his survival makes up the chemistry of his identity and his amazing potential and confronts the reader of our shameful societal waste.
Vote for Secrets and Lies in the @TRRtweet Readers' Choice Awards, Mar.14-31! Read more at

Thank you.
I have several books out and more coming soon. I post updates to regularly.
Travelman is about a man who can travel through time, space and dimensions.

Monkey in Mind is a Fantasy adventure about a Thought Monkey, get to know how your thoughts work.
I have several books out, of which the readers' favorites have been "The Revised Kama Sutra: A Novel" (published in 10 countries and 7 languages), Impressing the Whites, and The Killing of an Author. More information at

In paperback, books include humor collections and passionate personal autobiographical collections of essays and fiction:

Thank you!
Hello Everyone! I invite you to our Cold Coffee Cafe.
YOU CAN RUN — A Kramer and Shadow Action Crime Novel

Now Available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle version —

If you love thrillers packed with action and adventure, then You Can Run is definitely for YOU!

​U.S. Marines, Capt. Kramer and his dog Sgt. Shadow survive hell in Afghanistan — but worse awaits them back home.

"I had the privilege of reading this novel as a beta reader for Greg Smith, in exchange for my honest review.

HOLD ON FOLKS!!! YOU CAN RUN is not your average crime thriller. Full of crime, absolutely! A thrilling ride, most definitely! But Greg Smith takes it up a couple of notches, pulls you, the reader, into a dangerous, action-packed FBI operation. You enter the world of 2 U.S. Marines who offer their services to bring down a diabolical kingpin.

I highly recommend, with 5+ stars, YOU CAN RUN to anyone who's ready for a wild rush!"
Susan Pilski - October 2015

"This book is a true diamond in the rough of self-published novels." David Bailey
Steel, Blood & Fire is the first book in my critically acclaimed grimdark fantasy series, Immortal Treachery – and it’s now just 99 cents. Forever!
Here’s a smattering of critics’ comments:
"The best thing you've never read!" -- Best Fantasy

"Vykers is a remarkable, indelible protagonist." -- Kirkus

“550 pages of glorious fun!” –

"A gem! Engrossing!" -- Midwest Book Review

"Engaging! Gripping!" --

"Four-out-of-four stars!" --
Check it out now at:
I have been quite surprised, and agreeably too, with the readers response to my latest book DEPRAVED! which I self-published 0n 30th March this year. Amazingly it has sold more at Smashwords than Amazon and now I'm waiting for reviews, but it's early days yet so I'll give you both links:
Please read and enjoy, and comment.

Hello my name is Isabelle Esling. I am a trilingual published writer.
Please check my amazon page:
I'd be happy to meet some fellow writers on here.
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