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Welcome to The Literary Net
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We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.

Hi I am Isaac Newton Farris Jr I serve as Senior Fellow at the Martin Luther King Jr Center in Atlanta, Ga. I have authored my first book titled AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR AMERICAN WHITES which confronts the challenges that the current racial/ethnic demographic changes in America present. It offers a new racial perspective that will smooth the way for America’s 21st century transition to the new colored majority population
Hello everyone, my name is Excellent. I am a book lover, book reader and book promoter. I also write great books all the time. I'm here to connect with other authors, readers, and also help get the word out for several books that are written by me and other members of my book community.

I hope to have a great time with you all. Cheers!
My name is Gary Marshall. I have recently retired after 37 years as a successful real estate agent, broker/owner, and investor.
I have written three eBooks: Home Selling Mastery, How To Price Your Home To Sell, and The Frugal Home Seller.
Hello everyone, my name is Chad Rickard and I am a recently retired US Army Infantry Sergeant Major. I just finished and published a book entitled Mayhem 337: Memoir of a Combat Advisor in Afghanistan which is the story of a year I spent embedded within the Afghan Army as an infantry advisor. It received all 5-Star reviews from Reader's Favorite book reviewers and so far has a 100% 5-Star rating on Amazon. I have the kindle edition marked down to only $2.99 right now in order to get it out there. All of the feedback I have received has been excellent, I hope you check it out!
Hi My Name is Adrian V and I am the Author of "Meeting Kaia (Kaia the Fairy in the Garden)" which was launched on the weekend.


I look forward to sharing thoughts and Reviews with other Authors and Book Lovers.

Hey, y'all. I'm Jessica from over here in Georgia. Just released my 10th contemporary fiction book. I LOVE being an indie author, and I look forward to where I can get a wider reach and more engagement. I'm still in that 'begging for reviews' phase. lol
Hope y'all check me out! If you like, dip on over to www.jessicaterry.com and get a free download when you sign up for my newsletter ramblings.
hello, I'm Taryn Feldmann. I'm an author and university student.
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