Adrian V

(That's a Secret.)
(Planet Earth)
Literary Goals:
Write the Second Book in the Series

About Me

Adrian V grew up in the Country Town of Ballarat, Victoria along with his 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

He graduated from St Patrick’s College High School in 1995 and then went on to study Computers at Ballarat University. Adrian’s schooling wasn’t enjoyable and he experienced bullying throughout.

Tragedy struck Adrian’s family in 1995 losing his Father and Hero to a Heart attack. His father died at such a young age of only 56. After overcoming depression experienced as a result of the loss, Adrian momentarily took some time out and moved to Geelong to live with his eldest sister.

In 1998, Adrian met his future wife Claire in an on-line chat room and he subsequently moved to Sydney to start a fresh.

He went on to further study in Real Estate, Finance and Project Management and established his own Company Vanda Corporation Pty Ltd which he continues to own and manage Today.

Adrian and Claire married in 2002 in a small family affair and in 2007 had the first of 3 beautiful children; Luke (2007), Daniel (2016) and Madeleine (2018).

In 2012 he had a health scare and diagnosed with the early onset of Macular Degeneration and recurrent uveitis which is managed through injections, eye drops and on-going checkups. He subsequently made the decision to no longer drive.

Adrian was diagnosed with a congenital muscle myopathy in 2015 which causes significant joint/muscle pain and fatigue.

Through his experiences Adrian has learned of the hardships of life, cruelty of the world and applies these lessons learned to life and his writing. He ensures he lives with positivity and every experience makes him stronger.

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