Felicia Bridges

(That's a Secret.)
North Carolina
Literary Goals:
To create compelling Christian Fiction that inspires transformation

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About Me

I believe life is a great adventure written by the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

My adventures as an Army BRAT included living in eight states and two foreign countries by the time I was fifteen. Along with a strong foundation of faith, this nomadic childhood created a passion for missions and travel which leads my writing to exotic places.

My series debut, The International Mission Force, features the adventures of teenage missionaries around the globe and begins with CzechMate, which is set in Prague. BoliviaKnight, set in Bolivia, and KenyaQuest, set in Mombasa, Kenya. These are all available now as kindle bundle. Volume IV, IslandGambit, is due to release in early 2020.

While I have a degree in Psychology, my life experience as a short term missionary, HR Manager, mother of four, and Pastor's wife provide my most unusual tales. Names may be changed to protect the not-so-innocent. If you'd like to hear more about living the grand adventure, I'd love to speak to your student group or women's retreat. I'd also love to hear about the adventure God is writing just for you!

For more information, visit the Press Kit on my blog at https://adventuresthatinspireaction.wordpress.com/about/
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