Michael Sisti

Sarasota, FL
Literary Goals:
Write an acclaimed novel

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About Me

As I wind down a career of fifty-plus years in marketing, communications, and branding, I have been shifting my focus on writing and public speaking. I now have seven books published and working on the completion of an eighth. They include three novels, three humor books, and one self-help book. The philosophy that has guided me throughout my life is to make every task, regardless of its difficulty, a fun, and enjoyable experience. This approach to life caused me to see everything with a jaundiced eye, as I look for humor even in the most mundane circumstances. It is there for the taking. And it affects my writing, my speaking, and my interactions with people.

Additional Information

I am a serial entrepreneur, having founded over 20 businesses. My first was at age eleven, and my most recent was at age 70. I have six wonderful children and 12 adult grandchildren, all of whom bring a special joy to me. My wife and I have traveled to over 15 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. And we have lived in 15 homes in three states.

My Books

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