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David Pollak is a seasoned Psychologist with extensive experience in mental health, and ageing and disability services. He has provided staff counselling, and taught counselling to students. David lives in Australia, enjoys drumming and poetry, while offering a unique skillset. David uses ethical practices as a Psychologist, and developed a keen interest in meditation years before studying. He has attended Buddhist, Kabbalist, Hindu, Gnostic, and other groups; and, has taught meditation. With thirty years of meditation practice, David became naturally mindful. David has volunteered for decades by helping children, the elderly, people with special needs; he has flourished in private practice. Seeing a person overcome challenges demonstrates the power of the human spirit! https://www.mindfulnessmaze.com

Books by David Pollak
Epic Emotion: How you win with you, published 2021.
Mindfulness Maze: Miracles of the mind, published 2018.

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