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About Me

M.O. LeClair is an Author, Novelist & Freelance Writer at 'Room With A View Productions' - A Writing & Production company she founded in 2016. She manages 'Room With A View Productions' from her office located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

She's a big believer in finding your passion & following your dreams; she's been writing since the age of 8.

Her previous studies have included: Creative Writing, Law, Psychology, Forensic Science & Social Work. She graduated in 2008 with honours in Psychology/Social Work. She also has another in Diploma in Creative Writing. Her future education plans are to study Novel Writing, Philosophy & Forensic Psychology/Criminology at the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She is no stranger to hard work, dedication & having to overcome. Having lost her mother at a young age, and her little sister & father, within a year and a half of each other; this 17-year chapter of her life has been nothing less than tragic.

Prior to losing her family, they all lived & grew up in East York; on the East-side of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She lived with her hardworking father, amazing mother & beautiful little sister. She is part of an extended family where she is one of six siblings in total. Two older half-brothers & two older half-sisters. All of whom have children. She herself does not. She has been engaged, twice. Never married. She now lives with the love of her life, whom she plans to get married to one day.

Before founding 'Room with a View Productions' in 2016, She worked for many years as a Writer & Contributor for multiple, small websites. She also works in a downtown Toronto polling call-centre. In her life, she has worked in a diverse range of organizations, including retail, office & domestic positions.

M.O. LeClair specializes in Fiction & Non-Fiction Writing, Technical Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Photography, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Social Media, Presentation, Promotion, Website Design, Resume Services & Graphic Design. She is also the creator of her own official website & manages her professional work page on Facebook. She has her first novel in the works right now & is hoping to have it published, printed & released in the Summer of 2021.

She wants her readers to feel what she's felt; not just read what she's gone through. She wants people to listen to her words; not just hear what she writes. She loves a deeper meaning. Connections. She loves relating to people in a way she believes only she can; through her painful, most painful experiences, but also through her most joyous & happy.

Room With A View Productions offers a wide range of writing services, from Proofreading & Editing to Forum Contributing & Ghost Writing. She also sells Articles to people for their own websites, upon request of the topic.

Drawing on several years of experience in working with people of all ages, in many diverse settings & in a wide

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My eBook 'Concrete Jungle' is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It will be released on September 4th, 2021! It will eventually be available in paperback and hardcover as well.

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