Christopher DeHaven

Blanchard, OK, USA
Literary Goals:
To educate everyone about a very rare, terrible and deadly disease known as Ataxia.

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About Me

My name is Christopher DeHaven and I currently live In Oklahoma with my mom and sister. I am Divorced but seeing a lady who has Acquired Ataxia (Yes, you too can get Ataxia, no one is 100% safe).
I have been the Local Ambassador in Oklahoma for the National Ataxia Foundation since June of 2017.

Additional Information

I wrote a short book about my life and added information in it about Ataxia. Many people with Ataxia can relate so that is why there is a silhouette of a person on the cover, I want the reader to be able to picture themself in the wheelchair.
I’m also hoping that by offering this book to readers for free more funding would come into the National Ataxia Foundation.

“I’m fighting today so you and your loved ones won’t need to fight in the future”.

Please enjoy my book at the following address, thank you:

My Books

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