Terms and Conditions


TheLiteraryNet.com is an internet website on the World Wide Web. It includes information and material gathered by its operators and/or members, and exists to facilitate interaction and communication between all parties involved in the literary industry.
Website may be used interchangeably with TheLiteraryNet.com, and should be viewed as the same.
Visitor(s) is anyone who visits Website on the World Wide Web, through use of any electronic device capable of internet access.
Operator(s) means the owners and operators of the internet website TheLiteraryNet.com.
Member is anyone who has registered to use Website.
We and Us refers to the Operators of Website, and anyone designated by them to operate on their behalf. You collectively refers to Visitors to and Members of Website.

Overview of Terms and Conditions

The information that follows contains the Terms and Conditions (TAC) under which members of Website use the website, and any express or implied agreements between Members and Operators of Website. TAC may be changed by operators at any time, and without prior notice to Members.


In order to become a Member and use Website, you must be at least 18 years of age. By registering and becoming a member, you declare that you meet the minimum age requirement. Furthermore, you agree to use Website in a manner that is in compliance with TAC, and in conformity with all applicable laws in existence in the legal jurisdiction in which you reside or access Website.

Conditions of Use

By becoming a Member, you agree to abide by all of the TAC contained herein. The operators of Website may modify, remove, or add to the TAC at any time, with or without prior notice. In order to continue using Website, members agree to abide by TAC in effect at time of their use, notwithstanding any additions or subtractions that occurred to TAC in existence at the time they became a Member.

Website may contain material including written works, images, and other creative works that are protected by copyright or trademark. Members agree to not distribute anything obtained from Website that they do not already own or control, unless they have the permission of Operators or owners of said content. Operators may disseminate material posted to Website without prior notice in order to promote the material, its creator, or Website.

Code of Conduct

By becoming a Member, you agree to the following:
1. You will maintain control of, and keep your login information private. That includes all usernames and passwords that you use to access Website. If Member login information is used by an unauthorized third-party to obtain access to Website, member agrees to immediately notify Operator’s upon the discovery.
2. You give permission for Operators to display on Website images, electronically viewable writings, and other material submitted by you to Website.
3. You declare that any identifying information about yourself uploaded or posted to Website that is true and correct as it pertains to you. You will not utilize the information of any other person in a fraudulent or illegal manner, present yourself as being that person.
4. That all of the literary and other creative material that you upload or post to Website is either owned by you, or you maintain legal control of the copyright or trademark applied to the material.
5. You will not use Website for any illegal activity, as defined by the laws in existence in the jurisdiction where you reside, in the state(s) where servers hosting Website are maintained or operated, or if your conduct is illegal under United States federal law.
6. To not use Website to distribute any malicious or harmful electronic material that can damage internet websites, computer networks, or other tangible material that is accessed or created by machine.
7. To not forward chain letters or similar material through Website.
8. You will not access Website through the use of any applications or electronic programs that are not created or authorized by Operators.
9. Members are responsible for their interactions with other Members. Operators are not responsible in any manner for any damages that may arise out of Members interacting with other Members.
10. Members agree not to hold Operators responsible for the misuse of material created by them, and misused by others who have visited or accessed Website.
11. Hostile behavior to include expressions of racism, bigotry, discrimination, or otherwise hateful behavior of anyone will not be tolerated. Members who engage in said behavior will be barred from Website, and their accounts will be closed.

Role of Website and Operators

The owners and Operators of Website will store information provided by members on internet servers, and other machines of the Operators choice, in order to facilitate use of Website by members. At all times members will maintain complete ownership over the material they submit, including any copyright or trademarks associated with the material.

Operators and Website are aware that individuals and groups actively seek to infiltrate internet networks, and sometimes disrupt their operation. As such, Operators and Website will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by any interruptions of the operations of Website, or for the theft or discovery of information provided by Members through the intrusion of storage devices used by Operators and Website. Operators maintain the right to deny access to anyone, for any reason, and at any time. Operators may also terminate Website at any time without notice.

Website contains links to outside websites on the World Wide Web, along with other products and entities. The links are provided to assist Members with networking and to help them succeed in the literary industry, along with connect with products that might interest them. Website and Operators make no representations about those links, nor endorse any products, services, or persons associated with them. Members assume all risks and damages that might arise from clicking on the links, and agree to indemnify Website and Operators from responsibility for any damages.

Member agrees to receive periodic emails and other communications from Operator concerning information related to Website, or Member's account. If Member states a desire to not receive said emails, undertaken by unsubscribing from said emails or stating such a desire to Operator, the request will be granted. However, Member may lose access to their account and all information uploaded to Website whether stored on property owned by Operator, or on property owned by third parties.

Affiliate Marketing

Links to books owned by third-parties are listed on Website. Website is an Amazon Associate. It is paid monetary commissions for qualifying purchases of the books listed on Website.

Closure of Member Account

At the discretion of Operators, Member accounts may be closed without notice. Reasons for the closure of Member accounts include, but are not limited to the following reasons:
1. Failure to create a profile, which may indicate a lack of interest in interacting with others on Website.
2. Long periods of inactivity. The length of inactivity that results in the closure of an account will be determined by Operators at their sole discretion.
3. Failure to abide by TAC.
4. Hostile or hateful behavior directed towards others.
5. Members can request that their account be terminated. They can do that by contacting Operators at webmaster@thelitearynet.com. Operators may request personal information in order to ensure that the individual requesting to close a specific account is the person who created and operates that account. If Operators agree to close the account, the account will be closed. Once done, the process cannot be reversed. If Member desires to use Website in the future, they must again complete the registration process and create a new account.

Legal Disclaimer

Operators agree to store and display any information provided by Members in compliance with TAC. Information uploaded or given to Website will not be distributed to any third parties without the permission of Visitors and Members who own or control the material, unless required by law. Excluded from that are third parties Operator uses to operate and maintain Website, who may obtain information from Website and Visitors to improve the user experience. Said information will only be distributed by Operators without the permission of its owners to law enforcement or other government personnel if required by a court order issued by a court having jurisdiction over Website.

Members using Website accept Website “as is,” and accept that Website and Operators make no warranties or promises, whether overt or implied, about any past or future representations of Website or content contained therein. Users use website at their own risk, and hold no expectations for which they hold or will hold Website or Operators accountable.

Claims of Copyright or Trademark Infringement

Should Member believe that they are the lawful owner of any material on Website that has been uploaded or posted to Website without their permission, Member should do the following:
1. Contact Operators at webmaster@theliterarynet.com
2. Include their name and contact information.
3. Describe the disputed material, where it is located on Website, and username of person who posted the material if known.
4. Provide any material supporting their claim, such as a certificate of copyright or trademark.
5. If sufficient proof is provided that Member is the lawful owner of disputed material, the material will be removed from Website.

Limitation of Liability

These Terms and Conditions, including any other agreements referenced herein, constitute any and all agreements between Website/Operators and Members. Members willingly choose to use Website, they do so at their own risk, and assume responsibility for any damages that might arise from their use of Website. Members agree to indemnify Website and Operators for any damages they might incur through their use of Website, and absolve them of any responsibility for said damages. There is no relationship between the Operators and Member other than what is contained in the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.

Should any legal issues arise that results in a civil action between Members and Operators or Website, Members agree not to file suit as part of a class action, and to seek arbitration of any civil litigation through arbitration in the State of Georgia, United States of America. Any civil litigation that is filed by a Member must be filed according to the legal requirements of the State of Georgia.